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waste to energy solutions With TurboTech Harness biogas

Apart from being an extremely reliable source of energy, bioenergy alleviates two leading causes of environmental degradation – the global waste epidemic and the over-reliance on fossil fuels. At TurboTech, we specialize in waste-to-energy technology, utilizing sources of biomass, like/such as animal and plant waste, agricultural crops, wood chips, palm bagasse, algae and other plant matter, as well as residential and industrial waste. Our low heating value biogas is conditioned for combustion in gas turbines to produce electricity. Our power plants range from 1MW to 5MW and are specially designed for the combustion of various biomass fuels. Reusing waste as a fuel source and converting biomass to energy reduces the dependency on landfills and third-party contractors, minimizes your carbon footprint and ultimately increases the efficiency of your business.

Reducing greenhouse emissions

Bioenergy helps power your operations with care and consideration for the environment. Furthermore, with growing environmental awareness and the increased pressure on industries to remain carbon neutral, bioenergy helps businesses meet global energy standards and move towards eco-certifications.

We currently execute
bioenergy solutions in the following models:

Energy Selling Company (ESCO)

An arrangement sans capital investment – all expenses will be borne by the ESCO, except statutory charges. This model is inclusive of operations and maintenance.

green-energy (2)

Build, Operate, Own, Transfer (BOOT)

TurboTech bears the cost of capital investment, operations and maintenance –billing is based on power consumption, with the option of acquiring equipment at a nominal amount at the end of the contract.

Operations and Maintenance

We will ensure that existing bioenergy plants run at optimal efficiency -complete with timely, preemptive repairs and servicing.

Added Benefits

Creates indirect rural employment.

Organic industrial waste sales provide local farmers cash benefits.

Low maintenance and efficient performance.

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